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KIT exists to offer the absolute best in salves, creams, lotions, aroma sprays, and balms. All of our products are made in small-batch

quantities to ensure hand and heart contact with every healing element.




Kit Clear

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almost everyone has experienced an acne outbreak at the most inopportune time. In fact, you can ususally feel an unwanted blemish coming on due to stress or hormones but regardless of the cause, it’s just a hassle! We have found Kit Clear to be really effective aginst those unwanted visitors and want to make this available to our Kit Family. Your going to love the easy applicator and pocket sized container. With               Kit Clear, You’ve got a powerful ally in the war on blemishes!

5ml.  $10

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An all-natural Deoderant that really works.

We have been keeping this under wraps for a few months and now we are so proud to offer HIPPIE STICK All-Natural Smell Goods! An earthy fresh scent that works equally well for Him or Her.

By utilizing the amazing properties of arrowroot and a proprietary blend of beautiful essential oils, we have formulated the ultimate aid in personal care. Also, arrowroot powder comes from the rootstock of the obedience plant, a relative of ginger. Native to the South American tropics, there is archaeological evidence of arrowroot use as far back as 7,000 years ago. The South American Arawak tribe used arrowroot as an antidote for poisoned arrows, believing it would draw out the poison. [thus its name] 

*When you are applying your Hippie Stick, hold it onto your skin to warm it up if it seems a bit stiff. If it seems a bit soft, give it 10 minutes in the freezer. It has a very high content of extra virgin coconut oil and will adapt to the environmental temperature quickly.

2.65 oz $10

Hippie Stick

Eczema Powerhouse Special

We've seen so much success with all three of these amazing products and now we've combined them again to get you through the changing seasons. 
This package includes our Extra Mild Cream, the Ultimate Relief Cream, and Bountiful Balm for only $40, a savings of $5, and free shipping.


                      (Formerly known as Extra Mild Baby Cream) 

      The EXTRA MILD CREAM is for the one who is sensitive to everything. You'll find this incredible cream has fewer ingredients than any other mainstream moisturizer. It brings much needed relief for Rosacea as well as other sensitive skin issues!

IMG 0524

Typically, prescription creams are with loaded with unpronounceable names…a myriad of dubious chemicals. You know that that's not how we approach skin health here at Kit Naturals. Instead we take an all-natural approach and happily name each and every one of our ingredients.

Grapeseed oil, aloe vera, olive oil, beeswax, calendula, safflowerseed oil, and of course, vitamin e!

We are so excited to offer this scentless, essential oil-free, Extra Mild Cream that is super smooth, extremely moisturizing, and skin softening.

We are also getting amazing testimonials too…stay tuned!

2oz. $14 

Luscious Lavender 

& Chamomile Cream

IMG 0534

(Also formerly part of our Kit baby line) 

Our Luscious Lavender & Chamomile Cream  features these healing giants: grapeseed oil, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, chamomile, calendula, lavender, plaintain, goldenseal, teatree oil, & lavender oil. We are sure that this rich, calming, decadent cream will be a family favorite. 

2oz. $14

Orange Silk Hydrating Cream

IMG 0530

Decadently rich moisturizer for every part of the body…you’ll find this a great pre make up base for a flawless finish. While we are hesitant to make any written claims, we consistently hear that people’s skin looks years younger after just a few weeks of application. Guys, you’ll enjoy this as much as the ladies do…guaranteed! 
2oz $14 
(2) 2oz $26



IMG 0536

Bountiful Balm

Versatile, multipurpose, skin fixer…whether you’ve got a bug bite, bee sting, or stubborn sore this’ll do the trick! Dry patches? Diaper rash? No worries…this is even cloth diaper safe! This balm has been tested in Africa and the Middle East by real working men & women whose health depended on a natural product with real healing power!
2oz $14 

(2) 2oz $24 



Lip Balms

Ultra rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing, healing, & protective…our lip balms has just the right amount of glossy shine. We offer 3 flavors: Zippy Mint, Orange, & Coconut.    

Oval twist-up tube $3 


IMG 0520

Orange Silk Lotion

A lighter hydration for frequent use... You are going to love the smell and the way your skin feels every time you apply this orangey dreamy lotion! Be ready for satisfying application after satisfying application...downright addictive!

4oz $10  

(2) 4oz. bottles $18 


IMG 0562

Coconut Dream Lotion

The same dreamy consistency as our OS lotion but with the coco-nutty vibrancy of the Caribbean! You will feel an immediate euphoria as you apply this decadent lotion to your dry skin! This is an Island Get-a-way in a bottle so come, sail away with the KIT crew today!

4oz $10 

(2) 4oz. bottles $18 


IMG 0529

Coconut Dream Cream

In a word... luscious! This cream is the stuff dreams are made of and for those of you who love, love, love coconut, you won't be disappointed! (This authentic coconut based cream hardens and softens with the temperature, just like coconut oil!)
2oz $14 
(2) 2oz $26 


IMG 0522

Ultimate Relief Cream

Eczema, Psoriasis, Irritations, and Rashes are no match for this Super-Cream! You will be shocked at the healing, cooling power of this formula and no more medication smell baby! (This authentic coconut based cream hardens and softens with the temperature, just like coconut oil!)...Can you say Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a jar!
2oz $17 
(2) 2oz $32 & Free Shipping


IMG 0556

CinnaMint Energizing Spray

We created this as an aroma spray just for the luscious scents found in Cinnamon & Peppermint but we were surprised to get an energizing boost as we spritzed our way to nirvana...rock the car, the air around you, or your body!
(This is very skin softening and acts as an amazing deodorant/body scent!)
2oz $6 


IMG 0548

Happy Day Citrus Spray

We created this aroma spray because we love the calming, soothing properties of Orange. The citrus lifts the spirits! Give your dull day a scent makeover that will make everyone feel like they are walking through the grove on a fine Summer day...a Happy Day! (This too is very skin softening and acts as an amazing deodorant/body scent!)
2oz $6 


IMG 0559

 Luscious Lavender Spray

We created this aroma spray because everyone needs a calming moment. The Lavender oil calms and soothes Mama and Baby! Give your hectic day a scent makeover that will make the business go away! (This too is very skin softening and acts as an amazing deodorant/body scent!)

2oz $6 

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